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spACE (Melbourne) - The New Flesh Mix {part 1}
April 28, 2018 04:10 AM PDT
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Part one of a new set of mixes by spACE (Melbourne). Dedicated to you who live by the heart and are experiencing fears & life challenges that force you to question who you are and what is your place in the universe right here, right now. Hang in there, everything is as it should be. You'll be as right as rain & on your way again to where you need to be. Just stay positive, you are never alone, and remember...

Who you are in this vast multiverse...

contact spACE: ace_cybernetics@yahoo.com

spACE feat. Gwen Stefani - Years Go By (ZOO's Love So Many Mix)
August 12, 2017 08:53 AM PDT
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An original track designed and produced by DJ spACE featuring The Abduction of Gwen Stefani.

Dedicated to our ZOO Sundays "Family" - The Underground Club Collective, the artists, DJ, drag queens , leatherman, GLBT's, the party people, the noobs, the addicts, purists, visionaries, performers and general anti-hate army of like-minds who came each week for seven years to fight for their right to party, tothose who supported our efforts to bring something REAL and with HEART and with a SOUL to bring to life to Perth's longest-running alternative queer club night.

for more information,
a ful-quality extended DJ-playable copy,
or to collaborate with spACE on an audio project email spACE: ace_cybernetics@yahoo.com

spACE feat. Nkemdi Amadiume - Wish You Were Here (Unfinalised Mix)
August 12, 2017 08:16 AM PDT
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An original and as yet unfinalised track created by DJ spACE - (ZOO Underground Club Collective) resident DJ, artist, producer, saviour, prophet, magician, misunderstood scapegoat, shaman, showman, shit-kicker and co-creator of the infamous underground club collective "ZOO Sundays" held weekly @ BarOpen.

Dedicated to his friend, and sometime-mistress-in-crime, DJ Mali Vrag (Square Milk, Melbourne)

ZOO Future v2.0 mixed by spACE
July 05, 2017 05:07 AM PDT
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The 2nd in a series of Spontaneous spACEstranaut Mixes created live from the ZOO Mobile Dance/DJ Diner at the Ace Trailer Park & on a Summer Sunday afternoon.

DJ spACE- Welcome To My Magical Kingdom
June 02, 2017 06:42 AM PDT
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A rarely heard mix of galactic breaks by spACE.

Play LOUD and Enjoy

Dj spACE (ZOO) - HOPE (part 1 of 3)
January 25, 2017 02:30 AM PST
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The first in a three part CD series designed to tell a story with music and placing of tracks. Enjoy the journey, - spACE winking

Dj spACE (ZOO) - CHANGE (part 2 of 3)
January 25, 2017 02:29 AM PST
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Part two of a 3 part CD collection telling a cohesive story through music and emotion.

Dj spACE - Sunday Sessions TWO
January 25, 2017 02:19 AM PST
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Recorded LIVE on a Sunday at the ZOO Ranch.

September 18, 2012 01:22 AM PDT
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Starting his career way back in the mid 80's playing live electronics spACE soon progressed to DJing. Heading some of the earliest and most memorable event nights he has covered everything from soundtrack production for theatrical performances, the opening soundtrack to the Arafura Games and many others. spACE has mixed with, and supported, touring DJ's and acts. He has performed at over 300 parties (including Sydney, Darwin & Melbourne) 100 events and live gigs plus created and put on some of the most memorable and inventive, parties and club nights including his pet project ZOO for those who were disenchanted with the club scene. He learned back in the days when an 8 hour set was the norm for a DJ. Playing the BEST of every genre pieced seamlessly together so that even genre die-hards can find themselves dancing to styles they'd never admit to liking before taking them further and into realms they've never been without once being anything more than FUN and his respect and understanding of what makes an awesome event night is something you'll rarely hear. No one EVER leaves unimpressed or unsatisfied!